Day at the beach by Noel.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

More good treatment

Sorry everybody for not posting for the past days. I have been pretty darn exhausted. Well I went back to Santa Barbara yesterday for more chemo and all that fun stuff. Good news came back from the doctors, my spine came back clear yet again. Whoo hoo(= Everything went well yesterday and I'm feeling great today. It's my sister's birthday and I get to be with my family and my new sister Jasmine. My sister's and I are loving our new haircuts, although they don't have to wake up with crazy hair in the morning like I do. I'm hoping I can go to church tomorrow, because I have really been wanting and needing to go. I miss the congregation and everything. One thing I also miss is being active. I can't wait for the okay from the doctors for me to be able to start doing little activities. Little by little I will and have my life be back to almost normality. Well the way it was before at least, because my life was never really too normal. But that's the way I like it because a normal life seems too boring for me.


  1. Megan...Edwards.July 24, 2010 at 5:32 PM

    WONDERFUL news yet again!! So who is Jasmine? I hope you Can go to church too, baby steps!! We love and miss you more than you know... xoxo...

  2. Same question as Megan.....who is Jasmine? We are also praying that you will be able to go to church and be with your support group. Yea! on the news of the test on your spinal fluid coming back clear--that's awesome news!!

  3. Hi Angel,
    I wish I could have stayed longer. I always enjoy seeing and talking to you. Cooper sends his love! I hope you were able to enjoy your sisters birthday and your family. You know everyone really came to see you but don't tell Aryel. :) I love you too much!
    Aunt Sheila

  4. Good Morning, Noel.... wanted to tell you, again, how much you are loved and appreciated. Your smile is infectious and your amazing attitude is very good medicine for all of us! We'll see you in church this morning. Love, Grandma Diana

  5. Good Morning,
    So glad to hear that your medical outcomes continue to be positive one. I hope you get to attend your Church today, you will bless so many with your presence. Hope you and the family had fun celebrating the birthday girl yesterday.

  6. get ready for those nails to be painted! :)