Day at the beach by Noel.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hi everyone, well symptoms from my medications are starting to appear slowly. I am starting to swell and get, as my doctors like to call, "chipmunk cheeks". My family says I look cute more filled out (basically chunky) due to the medications. As for my appetite, it has been ludicrous. But when haven't I ever had a hearty appetite? Good news from blood labs on Monday, my platelet count is up to fifty! Although, that also means that my white blood count has dropped and I cannot risk getting sick anytime soon. Marrow on Friday, so I am praying to be in the five percentile range of cancer blasts. Last Friday I was at twenty five percent, and if (or should I say when) I make it to five percent I will be a rapid responder. That is something I definitely need and want. With lots of prayers and love I know I can accomplish this task. Besides feeling "chunky", I have been feeling great and it is getting easier to move around and do more activities.

Contentment really lies in finding a little happiness in whatever life throws your way.


  1. Cute post, Noel.... saw a sign at the fair Monday night that read, "We don't skinny dip, we chunky dunk." We can 'chunky dunk' together when you're able to go in the pool and you'll look more like me once you really develop your 'chipmunk cheeks'. It doesn't matter... you'll still be adorable Noel to all of us. Your spirit is wonderful and God has a plan for you.

    Nothing I could possibly say will top your Grandpa George's post last night about his golfing with the old 'men'. He actually is the youngest of the group - Paul will always be older.

    Have a great day with 'the girls' today and enjoy every minute of Jasmine's pampering.

    Love, Grandma Diana

  2. Hi Noel, I was thinking of you this afternoon and checked your blog to see how you are doing. I think of you often and wanted you to know I'm out here praying for you, thinking of you and sending you goodness.

  3. Noeyyyyy!!!!!
    hahaha you so funny:) i'm sure your not 'chunky'!!! well can't wait to see u soon!!!! love ya chica lica!!!
    sister h

  4. Megan Edwards..& FamilyJuly 28, 2010 at 7:36 PM

    Sounds excellent.... You are so amazing, beautiful and strong!! We love you and I hate not being able to see you, but if it means you getting better, then so be it! xoxo

  5. I have a perfect picture to send you, it's of you with "chipmunk" cheeks when you were 3 or so. I have to see if I can find it.....Take care!

  6. Good Morning Noel.....I'm sure you are just as cute with your chipmunk cheeks. You are a beautiful girl inside and out! Boy your grandpa sure gets his jabs into OLD Paul. When we are in public, your grandpa always introduces Paul by saying this is my dad........he's so mean! It's been so nice outside. I hope you have been able to enjoy this week. You are in our constant thoughts and prayers. I admire your faith and upbeat attitude. You are an inspiration to us all. Lots of Love and Hugs, Valerie and Paul too