Day at the beach by Noel.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Going Home

Good morning everyone=) So happy to see you are liking my blogs, trying to keep everyone posted as much as possible. I haven't had much pain at all, but some of my medicines can make me pretty darn emotional. I experienced that for the first time last night, I didn't care for it too much. But my Aryel and Ross have been helping me through everything so much and I honestly am so lucky I have them by my side. I can rely on them no matter what and they have been amazing best friends. Not to mention my parents and the nurses and everyone supporting me have helped me immensely, I had a fun time even though I was lying in a hospital bed. Everyone has made the best out of everything; I will not forget this experience not only because of scars, but meeting so many wonderful people and knowing how loved and thankful I am. This may be shocking, but I am a little sad that it is time to go home because everyone made it like a party here everyday no matter how much pain I had. One thing I love to remind everyone is that this experience isn't a "sob story". It happened for a reason, I feel it was to remind myself for everything I have and for me to remind everyone to rejoice on what you have. Also, at any time no matter what... God is always there for you, he loves you unconditionally even if you don't believe in him or you feel you're all alone with no one who cares for you. He will always be there for you in your pocket whenever you need him or even if you don't need him.


  1. BFF!!!!!
    I'm so glad that you r comin' home!! I've been going crazy with not being able to talk to you or see you!! can't wait till i can see your beautiful face!! You are the best friend that someone could have!!! Love you so much Sister N!!
    Love always and forever,
    Sister H

  2. i will always be there for you Noel. i loved talking to last night. im so happy you get to come home today. hope you have a great day


  3. Well I am sitting at the computer with a piece of pizza and now it's all wet and taste a little salty. I love this picture of you!
    Hugs and Kisses
    Aunt Sheila

  4. Dear Noel,
    We serve an awesome God, who is always there for us!God encourages us to call upon Him for healing. He says in Exodus 15:26b, "I am the LORD who heals you," and we call Him "Jehovah Rapha" because He is the God of healing. Psalm 103:2-3 says, "Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits- Who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases."
    This is with a promise, Gods word never returns void.
    Love, Grandma Sandra

  5. Awwwwww Sheila, salty I agree Noel, you look absolutely gorgeous in the new pic. It's obvious, from reading your blog, that you're just as beautiful on the inside, as you are on the outside. So happy that you get to go home. I bet you're so excited. Thanks for sharing your thoughts <3 Debbie <3

  6. No-no,
    The Power of Prayer!!
    We are thrilled that you are going to be in the comfort of your own home!!
    Love you,
    AliCat and Aunt Eydie

  7. Noel !! Im so happy you are feeling good and are coming home! You have been such an inspiration to me and everyone else throughout the whole experience. You are such an amazing person and I am so blessed that you are my friend!! I really wanna hang out soon so when you get home call me:) Love ya!!!

    Jenna Wookey<3

  8. Noel, I'm a friend of your aunt Sheila's and I have been following your blog. You are a remarkable young woman! Truly inspiring. So happy to hear you are going home! I saw a quote the other day and posted it on Riley's wall because it made me think of you!

    Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness,heart, talent, guts. That's what little girls are made of; the heck with sugar and spice.

    Sending you healing thoughts and keeping you in my prayers

  9. Noel,I'm happy you get to come home! Relax and don't worry bout' a thing! Trust God! He will take care of everything! He Rocks! Like Amadeus,Rock n Roll Fantasy,Rock Your Body,Rockstar,Rocketman,Rock With You,Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, Rock Your Socks Off,Rock n Roll Hoochie Koo! Love You Noel! Trust Him! Uncle Jeff.

  10. Hi Noel,
    So glad to hear you’ll be sleeping in your own bed tonight, I hope it gives you a little bit of comfort. I love that you started this blog and how you have the courage to share your journey with all of your friends and family. Your courage, determination, strength, and love for life and the Lord is truly inspiring! Through this craziness you are teaching all of us about what’s important in life – Thank you Noelly!! Please know that my prayers for you will not stop until this curveball is hit out of the park and you come sliding across home plate! Lots of love and hugs to you!!!
    Love, Brenda

  11. Welcome home Noel...hope you had a good rest last night! Did Maggie miss us? We miss her! Sorry to hear that the medication makes you feel yucky, but at least it takes the pain away.

    Thank you for keeping us all posted through your blog. Reading it has become my morning "hot cup of coffee." Speaking of hot, I heard it say that "you'll never know how strong you are until you 're in hot water." Well, Noel through your blog we are all learning about the strength of your spirit and your unbelievable faith,…THANK you.

    Have a good day….love,

  12. Our Dear Sweet Noel....What GREAT news to receive from Grandma Diana this morning to hear that you actually came home last night. Hope all is going well. I'm sure it is much nicer to be in your own NEW home with the family and to be able to be with Emma also. In your blog where you said one of the only things you had a craving for was hot wings.....I thought those most be Vic's. I also got a kick out of your comment on George Saint Pierre. I was reading your blog to Paul and he said, do you know who that is....I had to admit I didn't so he explained he was the Welterweight Champion of the UFC. I should have known you would know this. I know you like to watch the fights with the family. You are such an inspiration to so many of us. There are so many out here that love you and are lifting you up in prayer. We know God will answer our prayers. Love the new picture of you. You have such a great smile. It makes me smile back at you. My prayer is now for your comfort as you fight this battle. Hope we'll get to see you soon. HUGS, Paul & Valerie

  13. Valerie... yes, Noel is positively craving hot buffalo wings and Grandpa picked up five orders from Vic's this afternoon. Cheri knew immediately who the request was for when we called to place the order. Thank you Vic's Restaurant for your thoughtfulness.... they would not accept payment when Grandpa George went to pick up the order. The ladies there were tearfully joyful and Grandpa George said we could not send him to pick up any future orders because their kindness and genuine gesture of thoughtfulness was too teary for him. Thank you Vic's... we are very grateful.... Noel loved her very special treat which has always been one of her personal favorites. In His Grip... Grandma Diana

  14. Noelly,

    Your amazing journey will take you to great heights and sometimes lows you will not like. Your lows may include not feeling well so I would like to share my feelings about the lows. As humans we can not really comprehend another persons ill feelings or pain but we do hurt deeply for that person in our hearts. The really good news is you were created with the unique ability to tolerate and easily forget any pain you may encounter on your journey; just ask your mom if she remembers what the extreme pain was like when she delivered you. You probably will not experience anything close to what pain your mom went through on this journey but if you do you will endure it because of your tremendous strength,tenacity and closeness to your savior. As your Uncle Jeff so well put it: YOU ROCK!

    One of your secret admirers

  15. Noel, I can't get over how strong you are as a person and especially in your faith. I am so proud of you!
    Love, Hailey:)

  16. Welcome home. Hot wings from Vic's? I'll have to try those. God is with you. What a powerful witness you are to those who know you and those who don't know you. Keep healing and keep being a voice in the wilderness.

  17. Miss Noel, i finally found your blog!And after reading each and every one of them.. I cannot stop crying, you inspire me so much, you are an amazingly strong young woman!I hope you know how many peoples lifes you are touching,how not only my family but so many others in the community you are opening our eyes in so many different ways... you couldn't be more right about this blessing in disguise.... You sound like your doing good, you look beautiful as always we've been missing you at fair but i can't wait to do it with you next year:) The Noel Cam has been rolling so you'll get to see how we just lay around all day laughing at Chris and Branson... Let me know if you need anything love! Take care and I'll see you soon!

    Love Noel Aschenbrener