Day at the beach by Noel.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

GREAT day today! I got to spend all day outside with the family, and I even got to swim. Well it wasn't technically swimming, but I was lucky enough to wade up to my waist on a raft and kick my legs around. It feels awesome to be able to do more and more activities and I cannot wait to be able to start working out again(= The faster I recover, the faster I can get to swinging my bats, going back to the gym, playing volleyball and much much more. God blessed today with wonderful weather here in Atascadero, it was very nice to be outside around everything and everyone I love dearly. Now, as many people have to vent to others about their emotions and everything... I on the other hand now love to vent about all my food cravings. Boy I could and have rambled on and on for hours about every food I crave. My family gets to listen to that a lot now, and if you mention pretty much any food, I will crave it. I think I have an idea of how it feels to be pregnant, because my emotions change, my appetite grew even more, I'm getting "chipmunk cheeks" and my nurse said my medication will make me look about three months pregnant. There are many more symptoms too. Lucky me!!!(= Oh well, I have been blessed with so much so none of that matters to me at all.


  1. im to hear you had such a good day. hope tomarrow is even better. i know its hard on you not being able to do as much as your use to but it will just take time go back to the way things were.


  2. Food...glorious food!!!You are so funny with your cravings and all!! Sounds as though your new home with the pool couldn't have come at a better time.I bet its relaxing to just hang with the family and float around in the water?...Oh yes,and EAT!!!

    Sending smiles , prayers and love,

  3. No-No,
    I have your blog saved on my work blackberry under favorites (shhh- that has to stay between you and I:)) and pull it up daily just to hear how you are doing! I am so happy you had a great day!
    I love you baby girl!!
    God Bless,
    Aunt Eydie and Monkey
    P.S. You can call me and talk my ear off about food anytime because I am right there with you- its my vice:)

  4. Hi Noelly, Did someone mention FOOD!!!!!I Love to eat,Im so craving ice cream right now! I love all the good eats your sister makes yummy. Lots of honey like pooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You still look great,and happy to hear your enjoying the pool and the outdoors. I Love You. Grandma Sandra

  5. hey noel:) thirteen yay my b-day was on july 25th i had a candyland party it was awsome...i had so muchfun swimming at your house with emma it was so much fun i hope we could do it todays my last day in paso:( but i had fun well i love your blogs they are so inspiring and heart touching im so glad to hear your doingg better and im glad to hear your staying strong...well untill next time....i love you so much
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3 your cousin -mariah:)

  6. This is the cutest post,and your attitude is beyond many! I'm so glad you had this "GREAT" day,and I simply love love love you! Uncle Jeff

  7. hope you liked the 2 hot cheeto bags:) haha i had fun being with you the other day:) More memories for our new shirts! Woot Woot!