Day at the beach by Noel.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Winning mentality

What a day. The previous days have been about the same, wonderful of course but laid back and fun. More relaxing by the and in the pool and being with my Papa. Today I had blood work done in the morning, my platelet count is above one hundred which is great. Although, along with that comes an extremely weak immune system. Well awesome news back from the doctors, I am at one percent now instead of twenty five percent with the blasts! I was hoping to be at five, but one is even better!!! Today was my cousin Hailey's eighteenth birthday (Happy Birthday Hailey) and I got to go over and spend dinner with her and the family which was awesome. Props to my Uncle Jeff for the delicious dinner, first time I'm excited to eat left-overs! Nice quality family time talking and joking about my big buddha pregnant looking belly and chipmunk cheeks. Physically and emotionally I have been doing exceptional, besides being "medically- induced-chubby". There is no need for sorrow or worry. I take everything day by day and honestly don't have any worries at all. One huge way everyone can do to help me is be happy and stay strong in prayers and attitude. I will be blunt, I'm tough... I don't like when people feel sorry for me or for others. As I said before, No pain no "game". People who know me on and off the field or court or track know that I am competitive and have a winning mentality. An old man told me one time "If your gonna go, go hard. If your gonna miss, miss hard." I'm now apart of the "C-club" with him and just as we battle in the batting cage, we battle through this too.


  1. Wow! Platelets above 100 AND blasts at 1%--you go girl, such an over-achiever. Yahooooooooo!!

  2. 'Winning Mentality' is so much the strong spirited Noel we respect & adore!! You are such a breath of fresh air! Noel, you are the most amazing blessing to our family!!! It was so good for our souls to laugh so much with you last night - your shenanigans bring so much joy to 'the family'! Did your Dad's eyes stop burning from your contribution? Love you, love you, love you.... Grandma Diana

  3. An Old man, he's going to love that one... Well he must be a wise one thats for sure!! You are amazing and you make us stronger, I told Shawn to make Tamale Pie for you, so if there is something else you want besides that, you better text one of us and let us know, because you know he is an awesome cook like Uncle Jeff... Love you so much!! xoxo

  4. Haha, uhh ya you're competitive!! Majorly lol, you always have been! haha, that is so funny he does say that and ALL the time! Lol i think im going to join the C-support group ok?? hahaha looooove you Noey #8 woot woot!!!

  5. Noel, You do not know me, but I went to High School with your Aunt Sheila. I've reconnected back with her on Facebook and she shared your story with me. My daughter, Morgan had ALL when she was 4 years old. She was not quite the quick responder as you have been to treatment, but we spent 2 years getting it right and she now is a beautiful 14 year old and is celebrating being 10 years cancer free this year.
    Our faith in God was what helped us just as it is helping you and your family. Thank you for sharing your journey with others to inspire them to turn to God with their own needs and desires. You are an inspiration and God is using you, just as used us for HIS glory.
    By the daughter is an avid competitive fastpitch softball player too. One of her hero's is Bailey Stenson, who played for the University of Washington Huskies. Bailey also had ALL as a child and has won the battle.
    Keep the faith. Keep up the fight!
    Know that we are praying for you and your family.
    Take Care,
    Beth Henry

  6. Wow, Noel... Your journey has touched so many people... I am in awe of the depth of your writings and the calmness your spirit is conveying. You are truly inspiring and your witness has and will continue to honor our Savior and give great peace to those who come to know you and read your blog. Your strength and tenacity are nothing short of amazing. You have the necessary winning attitude, which Dr. Slomiany told you two days into this journey, and you will beat this nasty disease and 'hit this curveball out of the park'. See you in the morning Precious Lamb... Love, Grandma Diana

  7. Noel~ Been thinking of you always!! I read your blog everyday and its so great to see your positive on everything. It really has showed me a lot about life and to be thankfull for just the little things even! I am so glad to hear that your enjoying that quality family time with your sweet family. Emma is such a little cutie and definitly a brave one tho to get that blood drawn but I would be brave too if I knew it was giving it too you, Id even give blood or anything if u need it girl.I know with your strong faith in God that you will definity " Hit this curveball out of the park" I love and miss you!! Hope you have a wonderfull Sunday <3 <333