Day at the beach by Noel.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Chemo in the morning in Santa Barbara, and my little sister and grandparents are coming along with my parents and me. No marrow biopsy's tomorrow, just chemo and my family is getting their blood drawn to be tested for the Monosomy seven gene and to see if their bone marrow matches mine. Emma is excited to join my journey tomorrow and has been kind enough to allow the doctors to draw her blood to try and help me. Now not too many six year old sister's would do that, and she fully understands the circumstances of everything that goes along with this. As I write, I am sitting by the pool eating ice cream listening to my favorite music relaxing with a nice breeze and the warm sun on my back being with family. Now that is one pretty darn good way to spend summer days, it is unbelievable how great the timing was of the purchase of our new home considering everything. God really gave my family and me so many blessings, it is remarkable and hard to comprehend.


  1. Hi Cuteness,
    I know how anxious everyone is to get your results from tomorrows testing. It has been heavy on my mind, I continue to pray and pray and pray. I had such a good time last night with our family. I have always been thankful for our close family but even more so now. Of course you know how amazing you are and that I love you but there it is again...
    :) Aunt Sheila

  2. So, if they have the gene they can be potential donors? Emma is so sweet, but that comes from having sweet, sweet sisters as examples. =)

  3. Sweet Noel, You absolutely continue to amaze me! I love to read your blogs! You are such a bad mama jamma! I know how competetive I am, but you're scarey! That's great! Give it all you got or go home! Why even try if it's not gonna be your very best? I like that you have no time for,or patience for,a bleeding heart! I beleive you and I beleive in you! I really admire you and I love you! I hope that Friday,tomorrow,is a wonderful,warm,loving day for you and your family! You,Emma,your mom and dad and Grandma and Grandpa. May our Good Lord Shine His Face upon you! And... may your dad leave your ribs alone!(spare ribs/leftovers)Love,Uncle Jeff!

  4. I feel like there is nothing more to add except I pray for you and your family every day... I believe in you and the power of god... You know my family loves you like their own... xoxo Megan..

  5. All I have to add is my hip has had a strong pull towards your house lately ;) love u sista..."connected at the hip" -rilah <3

  6. Hey Sister N!!!!!!!!!
    Hey chica haven't talked in awhile! i need to come see u soon cause i have your BIRTHDAY PRESENT:) hahaha sorry it's just a tad late:) but it's the thought that counts right:) haha jk:) well i hope everything goes according to plan with your chemo 2day! I was so happy when i heard about your blasts:) oh and your platlets!!!!! Well love ya girly:):):):) tell the whole family i love them:) oh and make sure u tell the brave little Emma that she is th best little sister:) Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu<3
    ~Love Sister H<3

  7. "A genuine friendship is a heavenly present. It blesses our hearts because God's love is in it." ~Evelyn McCurdy
    aww ♥ I love this! ♥ it made me think of you, since you are putting sayings up, this of course isnt from the bible, but i really love what it is saying about friendship and God. Miss you and can't wait to see ya girl:). You should make that ice cream a "SUPERSONIC" and drink it for me lol ;) haha we havent made one in so long! haha, talk to you soon!
    ~Rilah <3

  8. Dear Village Idiot,

    I love you so much Noel. Reading this makes me wish we could've taken you and Rilah to the lake this summer! We went with Carly, and let's just say your best friend Riley is a dork :) Everytime i hear that annoying little cherry song it makes me thing of you and Riley on the bus. Volleyball is going to be so different with you you there!<3 But I have set a goal for us: to win league, for you. I can't wait until I'll be able to see you! (whenever that is! :p) I miss you and you're in my prayers every night (yes, I am praying now) Everything you are doing and saying so postively is so inspiring and I love you so much!<33333333

    Love, Nico (:

  9. Noey - I am so glad you haven't lost your spirit. You are definitely a strong young women. I admire your faith and trust that God is looking after you. You are a real inspiration. I pray for you everyday. Darin and I miss you a lot. Make sure you call if you need anything. We would love to come visit when and if you are strong enough. Let us know. Darin has a plaque for you from the team. Thank you for keeping up with the postings. I like to know how you're doing.